Retina: Byte by Byte by Robert H. Wallyn, MD, FACS NOW AVAILABLE FOR IPHONE

Ophthalmology Oral Board Review: Retina Byte by Byte

Ophthalmology Oral Board Review

Robert H. Wallyn, MD, FACS

ISBN# 97814951 39246

The Essential Interactive Study Guide for the Posterior Segment of the Ophthalmology Oral Board Examination

Use your IPHONE, IPAD, OR MAC to study for the Ophthalmology Oral Boards. Simulate the American Board of Ophthalmology Oral Examination format. Test yourself by viewing a case and listen to the author’s ideal audio presentation in his own voice. Then for the unique part! Listen to Dr. Wallyn’s “Guiding Bytes” that devise a structured approach to the oral exam. These “Bytes” of wisdom range from nuggets of knowledge to confidence and memory building aids gleaned from years of experience giving mock oral exams. Take this interactive book with you on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Use it anywhere that time permits: while traveling, in an easy chair, or even in bed. Just download the free iBooks app and then use the free sample Retina: Byte by Byte. You will see how it can make a difference by not only increasing your fund of knowledge but enabling you to present it more effectively!